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Bermuda Sports Journal 

 Athlete Profiles 


Curated to inspire generations

We invite you to explore the meticulously curated athlete profiles presented in this section. These profiles, crafted with precision and insight by the renowned Bermudian photographer and sports historian, Ras Mikal, provide an illuminating glimpse into the dedication and journey of our esteemed athletes.

Mr. Mikal, the visionary founder of the Bermuda Sport Journal, has consistently showcased the rich tapestry of Bermuda's sporting heritage through his work. His dedication to capturing the essence of each athlete's journey is evident in every profile. For a more comprehensive understanding, we encourage you to peruse the detailed profiles available in the archived editions of the Bermuda Sport Journal.

We extend our profound gratitude to Mr. Mikal for his invaluable contributions, enabling us to present the depth and vibrancy of Bermudian sports with such distinction.


Ras Mikal
Sports Photographer

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