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Event CalendEr Submission Guidelines

To ensure your event is successfully listed on our calender, please follow these professional instructions carefully:

  1. Event Name: Enter the official name of the event.

  2. Event Date: Specify the date on which the event is scheduled to occur.

  3. Event Time: Select the start and end times for your event.

  4. Location: Provide the precise location where the event will take place.

  5. Event Details: Include a detailed description of the event. It is imperative to review this information thoroughly before submission to guarantee accuracy.

  6. Image Upload: Attach an image or poster related to the event. Acceptable formats include JPG, PNG.

  7. NSBG Verification Code: Enter the NSBG submission code to finalize your submission.

Note: The NSBG Verification Code must be obtained from the Sports Development Officer at the Department of Sport and Recreation. This code is exclusively provided to the primary contact person associated with the event.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and efficient submission process for your event to be featured on our calendar.

Event Calendar Submission Form

Choose a time
Event Image
Event Details

Kindly enter your verification code to proceed with submitting your event to the calendar. Should you lack a verification code, please request one from the Department of Sports and Recreation.

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