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Dage Minors


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Athlete Profile

Dage Minors, a dynamic Bermudian sensation in middle-distance running, was born in Hamilton on October 26, 1995. This powerhouse athlete carved his niche at the University of Connecticut, earning the title of a three-time NCAA All-American in both cross country and track and field. In 2017, he proudly graduated with a degree in sports management.

But that's just the beginning. His medal cabinet gleams with a bronze from the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games in the 1500 meters and a silver from 2022 in the 800 meters.

Back home, Minors is nothing short of a national treasure. He's clinched numerous national titles and currently holds the Bermudian records for the 800 meters, 1500 meters, and mile. His versatility on the track is unmatched, known for his explosive finish and strategic race closures.

Beyond his accolades, Minors stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for Bermuda's budding athletes. His dedication, hard work, and sheer talent make him a true embodiment of sporting excellence.

Dage Minors' Stellar Records:

  • 800 meters: 1:44.81

  • 1500 meters: 3:33.97

  • Mile: 3:56.38

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